Strike + Vybe: Access liquidity on Serum directly from the safety of your institutional-grade web3 custody solution

You can now use Vybe DEX, a data-driven trading interface powered by Serum’s central limit order book & matching engine directly from the comfort of Strike

We’re excited to announce support for Vybe DEX built by Vybe Network. Vybe DEX is a decentralized exchange interface that allows users to place trades directly on Serum. Serum is one of Solana’s largest DEXs and unlike others it uses a central limit order book for matching. Users can place a trade on Vybe DEX in an easy-to-use and powerful interface similar to a centralized exchange but with the trade executed in a completely decentralized manner.

The interface also offers several other important features such as:

  • Market depth charts
  • Trading view charts
  • Detailed views of the order book
  • Allows users to place limit and market orders

See the Vybe DEX in action with Strike’s institutional-grade solution:

Vybe DEX was built by Vybe Network, which is a data infrastructure solution that enables the Solana community to query, index, and share on-chain data to build web 3.0 dApps and analytics. Vybe Network has contributed extensively to the Serum ecosystem including the Vybe DEX interface and detailed Serum analytics.

Learn more about Vybe Network here:

Vybe Network

Strike Protocols is the first-ever institutional-grade web3 custody solution, fully decentralized and trustless. We’re building a product that is extremely easy to use but has all the features you need to keep your digital assets safe.

Learn more about Strike Protocols here:

Strike Protocols



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