Strike + Friktion: Access full-stack portfolio management strategies directly from the safety of your institutional-grade web3 custody solution

You can now use Friktion, a multi-chain DeFi portfolio management solution directly from Strike.

We’re thrilled to integrate with Friktion, the go-to dApp for risk-adjusted return strategies for DAOs, individuals, and traditional institutions. With Friktion, you can use Volts (the platform’s native portfolio strategies) to create investment strategies that generate returns across several types of market regimes. The best thing, you can do all of this without leaving the security of Strike.

See Friktion in action with Strike here:

Friktion is one of the most used portfolio management solutions in web3. Currently, they have over 2.7 billion in total traded volume, more than 17000 users, an average APY of 21.2% and more than $32m in total value locked. Currently, Friktion is native on Solana but supports important chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche and NEAR through bridged assets.

Learn more about Friktion here:

Welcome to Friktion!

Strike Protocols is the first-ever institutional-grade web3 custody solution, fully decentralized and trustless. We’re building a product that is extremely easy to use but has all the features you need to keep your digital assets safe.

Learn more about Strike Protocols here:

Strike Protocols



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