Introducing Strike, the power wallet for Solana and beyond

It’s time to power up

Why we built Strike

Up until this very moment, power users in crypto and Web3 have not felt much love from solution providers. Whether they’ve needed a high level of security or a great degree of scalability — or both — virtually no products have been ideally designed with their requirements as priorities.

Of course, power users have had access to solutions, but mainly they’ve fallen in the category something not to hate, rather than something to love and have variously entailed:

  • Someone else holds your keys — Centralized control of key management, relinquishment of sovereignty, operational sluggishness, and lack of direct access to Web3
  • Unwieldy & costly implementations — Large-scale enterprise implementations that are difficult and expensive to operate and require long term SaaS commitments
  • Inadequate piecemeal solutions — Solutions of hardware and software that are a modest improvement in security over a web extension wallet at the cost of awful UX, the bane of Web3 as so many commentators constantly and repeatedly note

We’ve built a power wallet that we hope will not just be tolerated, but rather be loved.

How we built Strike

Strike is the next generation wallet that combines unrivalled security and limitless scalability in a truly effortlessly easy to use product. Here are some of the things we did:

  • Powerful features. Multi-signer, multi-user, multi-wallet operations. Rich permissioning schemes. Cryptographically enforced whitelists for transfer addresses and dApps. Authentication of dApp destinations to avoid malicious phishing.
  • Security with stringent safety. Non-custodial and trustless wallets. State-of-the-art key management systems that feature biometric authentication and cryptographically enforced approvals for every wallet action.
  • Scalability without limits. Start securely with the simplest wallet configurations and add users, wallets and policies over time, with complete control and with the click of a button.
  • Simplicity with great UX. Hassle-free activation, a mobile security app for key management, and a beautiful and intuitive user experience means that being a power user has never been easier.

Who we built Strike for

Whether you’re a family office wading into Web3 for the first time, a trading firm looking for a complete DeFi solution that scales, a NFT enthusiast or a crypto degen with meaningful value at risk, Strike puts you in charge. The time to embrace self-sovereignty in the decentralized world is finally here.

If you are one of these user types, you can likely benefit by upgrading to or supplementing with Strike:

  • An individual combining a HSM or other hardware device along with a web-based software wallet in an attempt to optimize your security
  • An organization or individual stuck at a 3rd party custodian for lack of reliable and scalable non-custodial options
  • An organization utilizing an expensive to maintain and operate enterprise storage and wallet solution
  • An organization utilizing a single point of failure hardware or software solution but has to-date been unable to find the right upgrade to suit them
  • Anyone who has avoided web3 for lack of an easy to use secure and scalable access solution

Where Strike goes from here

Today we launch on Solana. And tomorrow, other blockchains are on the horizon. Our unique and state of the art key management system, combined with the architecture of our smart contract wallets, allows us to migrate Strike to other protocols in a rapid and efficient manner. Soon we’ll be realizing our vision of a true cross-chain power wallet, and we’ll be providing solutions to users across all significant Layer 1s, all with the invaluable assistance of partners in those ecosystems. Stay tuned for what’s coming!

How to connect to all things Strike

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